The Happiness Project

A game that sparks a conversation about the importance of age inclusiveness
Responsible Innovation, Game Design, Age Inclusivity, Ethical Design, Design for Social good
Game Development, Content Creation, Research
Akhil Chopra, Esmeralda Gonzalez, Kara Degeorgis, Marie-Laurence Archambault, Maribel Gil
December '17

The Happiness Project is designed to spread awareness in transgenerational groups of Western Societies about the importance of age inclusiveness. The project aims to spark conversation about the impact of the senior growing world population in the forthcoming years. Societies, organizations, and governments need to shift their mindset, and therefore their policies, to be age inclusive at the core of their purpose. In order to better support and integrate the elderly, and create opportunities for them, we will need to begin with developing empathy because young, beautiful, and rich can no longer be the standards of Happiness.

Surviving well into the 21st century is the idea that older people are “supposed” to be consumers of ideas, work, products and culture, but never producers: always takers; never givers.

– Joseph F. Coughlin

For most people the answer is 


But happiness means different things for everyone.

Cultures differ in their perception of Happiness, depending on their understanding of those pillars. With the rise of Capitalism our life path is reduced to a 3-staged life.