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Akhil Chopra, Devanshi Sihare
Jan'18 - Present

Re.Do App is a reusable mug pick-up and drop-off system available in university campuses for students and staff.

To combat specific behaviours that lead to using disposable mugs and to make reusable mugs as convenient as disposables, we designed a reusable mug pick up and drop off station, called Re.Do, available in university campuses for students and staff.

Think sharing economy for mugs.

Here is how it works:

In order to make the experience more seamless for students, we also developed the prototype of an app, which in addition to the school ID card, which can be used to check out a mug. Since there are more chances for a student to forget their ID Card than their phone.

Below are the user flow diagrams for the app and following them are a few high fidelity screens and interactions.