Inspired by the hornet’s nest, this lighting fixture has abstract elliptical shaped plates, stacked atop of each other, making it look like a hornet’s nest in nature. Aptly called ‘Hornest’, this fixture will make for a simple yet beautiful design, which will light up any home and add to the overall look. This design can be made from glass, ceramic or wood and is suitable for the dining area, right above the dining table. At the centre of the light, there’s a glass tube, which houses the LED tube. Using an LED Tube is power efficient while being brighter than CFLs. The top of the fixture has been covered by stainless steel mounting, which covers the electric circuits and also is strong enough to hold the light. The fixture is designed as such, that it gives out ambient light which isn’t harsh to the eyes and makes for an essential element of the room’s decor.

The design was selected as a semi finalist in the Godrej Design Lab 2016.