How does the future of cities, borders and transportation look like?

Foresight Strategy, Futures Thinking, Scenario Building, Storytelling.
Concept Development, Storyteller, Narrative Development
Akhil Chopra, Abdul Qadir Barbhaya, Victoria Grueninger, Xiao Zhao
March '18 

Scenario Planning is a strategic tool used to make flexible long term plans. Scenario planning can be of immense value for organizations to forecast multiple possible scenarios and the impact they could have on their long term future.

For this project, we used foresight tools such as Environment Scanning and STEEP (Social, Technological, Economical, Environmental and political) impact analysis to develop multiple scenarios for the future of geographies in United States. The key factors analyzed were landscape of cities, Climate and Environment, Corporate world and its role in governance, Communities, Transportation, Identity and Borders.

Three Scenarios were created – Projected, Preferred and Preposterous. And a narrative was created to showcase a day in the life of a protagonist and how her daily life is in the year 2028. For an immersive story telling experience, the narrative is developed in the form of a graphic novel.

Futures Cone

Source: Joseph Voros “A generic foresight process framework” 2003